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Tiny House Village -

 In January 2016, youth at YSA initiated a community organizing campaign to build a Youth Tiny House Village in the San Francisco East Bay. As of fall 2019, we’ve built 14 beautiful, youth-designed houses with the help of over 800 volunteers in Habitat-for-Humanity style builds. We’re working in partnership with non-profit developer Housing Consortium of the East Bay and the local interfaith community to complete a multi-face, community-led Village that is designed by the young people it will benefit. The completed Village will feature:


Tiny House Project -  

Tiny House Shelters are an immediate bridge between the gutters and housing that is more permanent and is vital to the humane treatment and survival of the human beings in our communities who have lost their place of residence. When conventional means continue to fail and loss of life is the result, “Out of the Box” thinking and solutions are required in order to succeed. Build Tiny House Communities, providing temporary shelters with all necessary amenities for human and societal needs.


Tiny Homes for Camp Fire Survivors-

 Tiny Homes are built 100% by volunteers and by 100% donated funds. Alyssa is a mom of 3 and work a real job on nights and weekends. She was previously burnt out in the 2008 Lighting Complex Fire, so when the Camp Fire happened she prayed and the Lord impressed her to build tiny homes for Campfire Survivors. Now, with the help of a lot of big-hearted volunteers, we have 8 tiny homes under construction and just gave away the first one to a Camp Fire Family!